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I have worked in various Accountancy Sector for 34 years during which I briefly touched on Manufacturing and audits before I found my true vocation which was dealing with the Smaller Organisations that are socially aware where I feel that I can get to know the people and business more intimately since there are usually smaller teams working in these type of businesses.


When I then had the good fortune to work within an Accountancy Practice that specialised in Charities and Voluntary Sector, I found my home.


I like to make a difference to all of the organisations that I work with, however, I feel that when I work with those who are benefiting others that feeling of making a difference is intensified.

I work closely with my clients by identifying their needs, giving them confidence and assurance so they can focus on organisational growth. 

Currently, I am a one-woman band and I started my business in September 2019, when I decided that I wanted to concentrate on the smaller businesses and in particular, Charities, Community Interest and Not for Profit.

Let me relieve you of this burden.

I WANT TO HELP YOU: Free up your time so you can spend it on what YOU want, reduce your stress levels and  ensure professional accounting.

I am originally from Paisley in Scotland, which is where I studied for my BA in Accountancy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

I have known since quite a young age that I wanted to work with numbers as they have always fascinated me.

Accountancy has given me the opportunity to combine my 3 devotions: Numbers, people, and making a difference.

I feel that I am unique in how I deal with people as I am friendly and approachable. I try my utmost to talk in a way that you will understand exactly what I am doing for you and will take the time to explain anything you have not picked up the first time.


I believe in what you are doing as I have done a number of Volunteer, Charity activities of my own such as, Home Visiting for the RSPCA, fostering of small animals, and am a supporter of NSPCC and WWF.

Free up your time, Reduce Costs, Reduce Your Stress Levels & Spend Time on what YOU want